Screw pumps

KUHN KWS Archimedean screw pumps are lifting devices, which are extremely well-suited for sewage transport and as drainage pumps and are unsurpassed by any other type of pump in terms of technology and efficiency.

They are mainly used as intermediate lifting stations in sewer networks, as draw and polder pumping stations, as inlet pumps for sewage treatment plants and also as sludge return pumps.


  • Reduced wear due to low speed
  • Extremely durable
  • Inclination angle up to 40°
  • High degree of efficiency up to 85 %
  • Careful treatment of biological cultures through continuous, smooth, laminar and pressure-free conveyance
  • Additional screening systems are unnecessary since the conveyance of water with even the coarsest impurities is possible
  • Archimedean screws are extremely resistant to clogging
  • Low maintenance is required owing to the simple and robust construction
  • High-quality, robust materials are used